The purpose of SudoTask is to encourage myself to write more and in more diverse topics that interest me.

My name is Joseph Green (though I often go by Logen Kain), I am a Liberal Arts graduate from Northern Arizona University. I am a writer and amateur programmer. Most of my writing has been self-published and, in many cases, has been lost over the years, but I have written professionally for MakeTechEasier and Tapscape, as well as some private contacts.

On MakeTechEasier:

On  TapScape I’ve written several reviews and news articles such as:

My one programming project I care to share is tuxc. It’s basically an adaptable wrapper for simplifying using the various Linux package manager’s command sets. So instead of remembering all the commands for pacman, xbps, yum, etc…, or indeed, even bothering to remember which particular package manager I’m even using at the time, I get to use a simple structure that works across all distributions I use.